Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blog Group Project

I have been absent and out of the loop for a while, due to illness. I am still catching up on blogs, and readings from my group. Being absent on Tuesday was a bummer. I am sure there was an effort to come up with a solid plan in my group. But, we still need to hash out some ideas with everyone being present. What I propose to contribute to the group is to get the class thinking about code switching, or code meshing, by giving some examples and excerpts. Code switching and code meshing are two different language ideologies. We learned this from Andre's insightful articles and links. I would like to show the difference in that perception. Showing, how code switching being used to encourage those who write and speak with a vernacular to leave their own dialect to switch to standard English, opposed to code meshing which blends languages and dialects in one discourse. The best way to do this is through some sort of interactive exercise, that draws awareness in a visual way. Since, we all agreed we are visual learners, the goal is to educate the class, by making connections from cultural perspectives. 

Today, there is literature written that serves as a how to guide for educators and students, to help them bring code-switching and subtle ways to get rid of it, so to speak. There are lessons to encourage culturally and linguistically diverse students to use Standard English Grammar in the classroom. http://www.heinemann.com/shared/onlineresources/e02610/csl_introduction.pdf.
I am curious to see if you all find biases and prejudice in the text and if you think it will serve as a useful tool.

Here is something else that I came across. A teacher using a stylized pedagogy to connect with her students. Although it would not be considered code switching, because she is using Standard English Grammar, she is still employing a cultural performance identity. Can this be considered code-meshing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90Tp58UI8a8. What do you think?

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